Costa Rica : Beneficio San Diego

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Costa Rica - Beneficio San Diego
Location: Costa Rica, Tarrazú
Process: Honey
Cup Notes: Chocolate praline, sweet citrus, tart plum

A light-medium roast that makes for a friendly and inviting cup of sweet goodness. The medium bodied cup boasts a balance of delightfully sweet citrus notes and acidity reminiscent of a tart plum. This coffee lingers with soothing notes that remind us of chocolate pralines.

Established in 1888, Beneficio San Diego is deeply rich in coffee history. Today, this quality and efficiency obsessed coffee mill is considered one of the most modern in Costa Rica. While they pioneer in specialty coffee, Beneficio San Diego has also taken a leading role in working with producers to ensure good community relations and sustainable production.

The Tarrazú based San Diego mill has a community of farmers that deliver a strict selection of ripe cherries. The mill depulps the ripe cherries and the mucilage is left on to allow the natural sugars to enhance the sweetness. These coffees are then dried on African beds to create a slow and even drying process. 

Costa Rica is considered the innovative birth place for the honey process. This widely adapted processing method leaves some or all of the mucilage of the coffee cherry (the coffee “honey”) during the drying stage. This process uses less water than a washed process coffee and gives the final product a distinct sweetness.