Colombia : Edwin Noreña, Sidra

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Edwin Noreña
Quindío, Colombia
Black Honey
Varietal: Sidra
Cup Notes:
Botanicals, blueberry, plum

Edwin Noreña is an agro-industrial engineer, Q grader (certified coffee grader), Cup of Excellence judge, and undoubtedly one of Colombia's innovative leaders in coffee. Edwin's unique processing methods are globally celebrated, and his coffees are routinely used in competitions. This bright and delightfully complex offering from Edwin perfectly embodies his reputation as a coffee alchemist.

Edwin brings us a delightful Sidra variety, which was first cultivated in Ecuador and is believed to have genetic traces to African heirloom varietals. The Sidra cherries are harvested at peak ripeness and soaked for 5 hours before undergoing a 96 hour carbonic maceration step. The cherries are then depulped with ~45% of its mucilage left and then sealed in an anaerobic environment for 48 hours. Throughout the process, the cherries are refreshed with a new mossto (juice from compressed cherries) every 24 hours. Finally, the remaining cherry seeds are then sun dried on African beds for 24 days before an additional 8 days inside a warehouse to stabilize moisture. We are thrilled to serve and celebrate Edwin's great effort to meticulously craft an exceptionally silky cup that delights with botanicals, blueberry, plum, and lavender.