Haan "한" represents a search for identity and an homage to our roots. 

As lovers of coffee, we aim to express this through a relentless pursuit of the perfect cup.

Woven into how we operate is Jeong "정", a deep-seated and connected sense of compassion and love. We seek to partner with farms that not only produce great crops, but provide and care for their local communities. As we grow as a company, our aim is to donate proceeds to various nonprofits that are serving our neighbors. 

For our namesake, we believe the journey is just as important as the destination.
We invite you to join us on that search!


Roast Schedule


To ensure you get the best coffee, we currently roast to order twice a week: Monday & Thursday.

IE: If you order coffee on a Sunday, we'll have your order crafted on the next roasting day (Monday) and shipped out as soon as possible. 


Coffee and Korean Flavors Meet at Haan Coffee in Orlando
Daily Coffee News
December 6, 2022