Colombia : Sebastian Ramirez, Natural BG

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Edwin Noreña
Quindío, Colombia
Natrual BG
Varietal: Pink Bourbon
Cup Notes: 
Tropical Fruits, Kiwi, Red Currant

Sebastian Ramirez is a 4th generation coffee farmer with over 12 years of experience and knowledge in producing and processing quality coffees. He is dedicated to passing on his knowledge and experience to the next generation of producers as a Mentor on the Young Producer Program for our friends at Unblended.

Sebastian and his team produced a juicy coffee that jumps out with tropical fruits, tart kiwi, and red currant. The coffee’s production begins with a harvest of ripe Pink Bourbon cherries that are sorted and placed in sealed anaerobic (without oxygen) tanks for 120 hours. The cherries are again sealed in tanks with wine yeasts that Sebastian skillfully modulated and coined as NaturalBG. Sebastian’s curated yeast is fed by the natural herbs and microorganisms found on his farm (lemongrass, mint, citronella and thyme to name a few) that lead to a different profile. The sealed cherries and NaturalBG yeast are introduced to carbon dioxide and held at a consistent 18 C temperature for a controlled fermentation environment. After 200 carefully monitored hours in the tanks, the cherries are shade dried for ~20-25 days and then stabilized in bags for 15 days. The immense effort and skill from Sebastian in producing this exceptional coffee provides us with a memorable cup that beams with tropical juiciness and a unique sweet spice that makes each sip a delight.