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Colombia - SKF
Café 1959
Huila, Colombia
Process: Scoby Kombucha Fermentation (SKF)

Varietal: Pink Bourbon
Cup Notes: Port Wine & Tropical Fruit Punch

José Giraldo of Café 1959 brings us a Pink Bourbon coffee that has gone through a uniquely experimental and innovative processing method, Scoby Kombucha Fermentation (SKF). The whole process begins when the ripe Pink Bourbon cherries are picked and placed into sealed tanks to undergo a 12 hour anaerobic fermentation. Afterwards, the cherries are merged into water where José and his team add a continuous supply of oxygen (like a fish tank) for 348 hours. The continuous flow of oxygen breaks down the pectin from the coffee cherry and leads to a Scoby-like layer of microorganisms to form on top. The cherries are then sun dried, vacuum sealed, and aged 3 months. We are thrilled to share this coffee that beams with tropical fruit aromatics and a tart sweetness that reminds us of Port Wine.