Colombia Decaf : Valle del Cauca

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Size: 10oz (Whole Bean)
Location: Colombia, Valle del Cauca
Process: Sugarcane Process
Roast: Light-Medium
Notes: Hazelnut, cherry, chocolate almonds

We offer a medium roast with a splash of brightness that many have come to expect from a Colombian bean. The sugarcane processing creates a level of sweetness not typical in decaf coffees, and a pop of acidity married to the sweetness balances out the nutty chocolate core of the roast.

Valle del Cauca is found in a biological conservation corridor between the national park of Tatama and Serrania de los Paraguas. The farmers in this area are dedicated to the preservation of natural resources, water management, and eco-friendly farming practices. They now primarily use this cherished land to produce sugarcane, utilizing it for an organic compound that removes roughly 97% of caffeine from the harvested coffee beans. The unique processing method produces an equally unique decaf coffee with pleasant sugary characteristics.