Ethiopia : Kossa Geshe

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Location: Ethiopia, Limmu Kossa 
Process: Natural 
Roast: Light
Cup Notes: Strawberry, nectarine, blackberry

2021 is another home run of a crop from our favorite farm, Kossa Geshe. This new crop features a bright strawberry forward cup ripe with juicy tartness and subtle cacao notes in the medium body.

This single estate rarity is found in the dense forests of Ethiopia. Don’t let the size of the farm fool you -- Kossa Geshe boasts a cup rich with sweet berries at their ripest state. We profiled this cup to bring out the peak berry flavors this alluring bean carries a fruit forward lover’s delight.

The story of Kossa Geshe is one of a meteoric rise. While the coffee speaks for itself, the farm has continually grown its investment to its community – building a school on the farm for children, establishing some of the finest worker housing in Ethiopian coffee, providing new hygiene stations, and implementing a ledger system for fair wage transparency. We are proud to continue partnering with Kossa Geshe as they strive to perfect their coffee and reinvest into their community.