Moonlight 달빛

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Moonlight 달빛
Colombia & Brazil
Roast: Medium 
Cup Notes: Citrus, Dark Chocolate, Caramel

Moonlight showcases a cup anchored by a more developed body and accented with an enjoyable pop of fruit notes. As we sampled through the new year’s harvests, we decided to feature a washed process coffee from Antioquia, Colombia and a natural processed coffee from Alta Mogiana, Brazil.

The washed coffee from Colombia comes to us through a new partnership with the Young Producer Program, cultivated by our friends at Unblended. 

The Young Producer Program is focused on empowering the next generation of specialty coffee producers in Colombia. The current landscape of coffee sees a widening gap as today’s primary producers are aging. Unblended’s program works to pair today’s youth (mentees) with seasoned veterans of the industry (mentors) who are dedicated to passing on their knowledge and experience to the next generation of producers. Moonlight is the combined product of these mentees and mentors who have worked to create a delightful product that boasts notes of chocolate, sweet citrus, and an enjoyable lingering sweetness that reminds us of molasses and caramel. A purchase of Moonlight supports the efforts of the Young Producer Program and the next generation of aspiring producers to become the future of coffee.