Moonlight 달빛

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Location: Seasonal - Cerrado Mineiro, Brazil (Marcelo Assis)
Roast: Medium-Dark
Cup Notes: Dark chocolate, red cherry, and baked stone fruit

If you enjoy a darker roast and a heavy body in your morning cup, look no further. Moonlight quickly became a crowd favorite, and for good reason — this espresso with a pop of brightness is anchored by dark chocolate and complemented with a splash of nutmeg and dried stone fruits. This contrast in flavors was inspired by the gleam of the moon’s shine in the darkness of night.

For 2022, Moonlight is a naturally processed Paraiso varietal from Marcelo Assis' skilled single farm in Cerrado Mineiro, Campos Altos, Brazil. The coffee cherries are dried on patio for 5 days in 3 cm layers, turned over 12 times a day until 18% humidity, then dried at 35º until reaching 12% humidity, then rested with the outer skin for 30 days before hulling.