Coffee Gear

Fellow Stagg [XF]

The Fellow Stagg is a monster of consistency. With a sleek double walled design, the brewing temperature stays within a tight window. We have greatly enjoyed our cups from the Stagg [XF]

We love the Aeropress! It's a fun little tool that's great for travel and incredibly versatile. This brewer's immersion style of extracting leads to a more robust body and can highlight some of the nuances of a coffee better. 

Baratza Encore Grinder
Our favorite at-home grinder. Different grind sizes allows you to do everything from a french press to espresso shots correctly. Hits that sweet spot for dependability and affordability.

Fellow STAGG Kettle 
We love the look of the Fellow STAGG Kettle. Has a really slick digital display, and feels extremely great in the hand when brewing pour overs.