Coffee Gear

Hario V60 
The Hario V60 drips faster than other pour-over systems and ultimately gives you more control. It's our choice for fruitier beans. 

Fellow Stagg [XF]
The Fellow Stagg is a monster of consistency. With a sleek double walled design, the brewing temperature stays within a tight window. We have greatly enjoyed our cups from the Stagg [XF]

Hario Scale 
Dependable and accurate. We recommend a scale for your pour overs to make sure your water-to-grounds ratio is exactly where you want it.

We love the Aeropress! It's a fun little tool that's great for travel and incredibly versatile. Makes a bolder, slightly stronger cup that keeps more oils. Great for darker, more full-bodied roasts.

Baratza Encore Grinder
Our favorite at-home grinder. Different grind sizes allows you to do everything from a french press to espresso shots correctly. Hits that sweet spot for dependability and affordability that is extremely hard to achieve. 

Fellow STAGG Kettle 
We love the look of the Fellow STAGG Kettle. Has a really slick digital display, and feels extremely great in the hand when brewing pour overs.