Colombia : Panela Sticky

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Colombia - Panela Sticky
Café 1959 x Finca el Diamante
Huila, Colombia
Double Washed Anaerobic
Varietal: Pink Bourbon
Cup Notes:
Star fruit, peach, butterscotch

José Giraldo of Café 1959 brings us a delightfully approachable coffee that comes as a product from imaginative processing and immense effort. This highly sought-after Pink Bourbon varietal erupts with fruity brightness that reminds us of star fruit, passion fruit, and peaches. Complimenting the juicy brightness are pleasant caramel cake and butterscotch-like notes that linger and round out each sip. Those sugary notes that anchor the coffee are the reason José named this coffee Panela Sticky (Panela is unrefined sugar cane block popular in Colombia).

The Pink Bourbon coffee cherries are harvested at their ripest point and begin the first stage of fermentation during an overnight 13-hour trek from the farm (Finca el Diamante) to the processing facility (Café 1959). Upon arrival, the cherries are pulped, washed, and placed in sealed tanks to undergo anaerobic fermentation for 24 hours. They will repeat the wash, rinse, and sealed 24-hour fermentation cycle again before being moved to raised drying beds in a shaded environment. As a final step, the coffee undergoes a slow 40 day drying process to cap off this triple fermented and double washed process.